Messe Coverings 2024 – Tile & Stone

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Messe Coverings 2024 – Tile & Stone

Burkhardt-Löffler will again be attending Coverings in Atlanta this year – the ceramic tile and natural stone event in North America. We look forward to introducing you to our latest developments on automation and digitalization for the stone industry. The trade fair will take place from April 22nd to April 25th, 2023. […]

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New system for automatic loading of machining center

Up to now it was necessary for the operator at the machining center to position the suction cups manually before each machining operation. Thanks to our new development, the suction cups are positioned fully automatically by the machine based on[...]

New system for automatic loading of edge polishers

In 2023, Burkhardt-Löffler developed and implemented a fully automatic system for loading edge processing machines. Depending on the application, the machine is loaded and unloaded either by a robot or by a portal construction with vacuum suction cups. Workpieces of[...]

Overwhelming response at the first in-house exhibition in Langenaltheim

Over 100 visitors from Germany and the neighboring countries participated in our in-house exhibition last month. The in-house exhibition, which took place for the first time at our production site in Langenaltheim, showcased the versatility of our machine program. In[...]

Successful in-house exhibition with many innovations

This year’s in-house exhibition of Burkhardt-Löffler, held together with partners Weha and Akemi, proved to be a resounding success notwithstanding the ongoing Corona pandemic. It sends a strong signal and reinforces confidence in the business continuity of the stone processing[...]